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Steroid Scammer List

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This information is provided by everyone on the internet, this site does not condone or engage in any illegal activity and suggests you consult with your doctor regarding anything medical.


* 100darts - Dunk Electronics, PO Box #55, 124 Centre N. Napanee, Ontario, Canada k7R 3L4



*, real name Frank Marcello, Ontario, Canada 

* :no details* :no detail on him so far

 *,ADCO, Tony Smyth, Suite f-1 pmb 201,11505 NE,Fourthplain Rd., Vancouver, WA

* Aggressive Health,


*  - Juliana Saud Maia Carelino Gonclave, Auto Rio Preto - CEP, Sao Jose Dor, Brazil

* Ali Holv

* anabolic avenue..domestic uses the name


Josh Hodnik-16001 Cotillion Dr. #708 Houston, Tx 77060


* Andy Jensen, PO Box 808, Centerville Utah 84014-0808

*  Cyborg"  when responding to emails regarding pricing and availability of his non-existent items.  According to Vox Deis  AKA. "Glen"  Androgenex is supposedly under DEA Watch and is keeping a low profile for a couple months

    1709 N. Canyon Dr.
    Santa Maria, Ca 93453


* & alias Pete Koenigsberg, WU Babylon NY

*, D.Q. PMB341 1500a Lafayette Rd. Portsmouth, ,NH 03801

*,FedEx,ARE, 768 Gamble Road,Oakdale, PA 15071,ARE, 5992-D Steubenville Pike, PMB#140, McKees Rocks, PA 15136-1352

* arnian - okay this is a debate he appears on numerous list but some members say they have received with no problems you decide?

*, AKA: Mike Richards,Alberta, Canada


* :Henry Gabber,* : . Address...Kim,,Bismark, ND

* : address...,Jaime Irizarry, P.O. Box 593507,
Orlando, FL,


* j.c-233 fern ave - toronto ontario - m6r-1k5 - canada uses Joe Costanza

* Anabolics & Other Pharms
United Kingdom




* maybe a paharmacy or person is on the Custom AUtomatic Seizure list out of portugual

* B.C.S. Software Solutions, London WC1N 3XX, England

* and , no other info.

* , steroid_delivery@hotmail , bigbear@hotmail , misterbig@hotmail : address...,Fred Ekels,Peter Corneliusstraat 9,5144 TL Waalwijk,Netherlands

* ... his postal address is listed above where the preadatormuscle e-mail address is first listed.

* BENEDETTO, (possibly, Elitefitness member, E-mail: 

* another good bro people are complaining i dont what to think he was once a good dude anyone email with any more info thanks

*, a.k.a. Michael, real name B. Andrews, 1175 University Ave, Montreal Quebec

* : Operating out of Portugal.

* Batman - On the Meso board, the reports are saying that this is a scam. Drugstore O.L. Skouvara & Co., Epaminonda 82, Thiva32200, Greece -- all outgoing mail/packages are flagged by U.S. Customs.


* real name: Bill Lawrence, Salt Lake Citu Utah


* PO Box 174, Oakford IN 46965,


*, 1540 Brian Dr. Dubuque Iowa 52003

* : he uses Western Union, and the name...
Jonny Johnson,or,,Tom Patel, Springfield, MA,

* : scammed my bro for $310



*, Renne Boyer, 804 Red Maple Crt. Whitby, Ontario L1n 7V6, Canada

* : name and postal address...Action Media,6832 King George Hwy. Surrey, BC Canada

* ,postal address is..., D.Q. #PMB341, 1500 A. Lafayette Rd.,Portsmouth, NH

* B Mougios & Co. Pittakou 23, T.K. 54645, Thessalonike, Greece


* BODYBUILDERSUNION@GMX.NET. aka bodybuildersunion website

* aka sustaman aka "Diceman" and "Predator" aka Dallas Quaryles (Quarrells)


*, Frank Marcello, Ontario, Canada 

* : Jack Parker location anywhere in NY test question is what is blue answer the sky : physical description 6'1' blue/brown 225lbs

* he was sent via Western Union on 04/10/2002 to a Delia Gallo in Managua, Nicaragua.


*Capt Dboll - *Mike Barr


* angel casto

*, Wade Ruskins, HCR 1 Box 14, Dumas, TX 79029

* : postal address is...,Chad Propper,109 Prospect St.,Freedonia, NY

* clbain - Charles Bain


*Chris Cates, PO BOX 447, Sylvan Beach NY 13157

*Chemical Resale, Santa Barbara

* : Customers report that they never received thier stuff.

* - Blair Hersikorn hes has all kinds of story hes just a scammer!

* aka Rene Garcia , Dallas #5920 Recidencial Campestre IIIC.P. Chihuahua, Mexico

* -Imposter

* is a scammer he scammed
someone out of 270$ he uses the US mail service and is located in new york, he uses the name thomas jordan.

* Comptroller

* : from Finland

* (possibly Haldun Address)


* same as PMB below

* live in Debuque Iowa


* : a.k.a. Freddy Delt, no other info...





* ; dave,2932 Lambert Dr. Ste 206, Toledo OH

*, Nova Scotia Canada

* - has the balls to even use the anabolicmass name grrrrrrrr.....





* Dean  donco


* - Jaime Irizarry same as 

* , Jamie Irizary PO Box 593597, Oralndo FL 32859-3507 he slick sets up fake references..

* D. Quarrells, Po Box 3524, Brewe, ME

* D Edmond,7 Karl Mathy St.,68167 Manheim, Germany


*, Paco or Jason Sylvester

* (uses gives this site as a referral) die scammer


* Dr. International,Mike Stevens or John Clark
Sent money to nyc, usa or anytown, USA.

* - the site is down now but may pop up again.

* - Tony and his mailing addy is West Newbury, Mass

* Tony Small

* - Steve Lewis, DMMS, 7001A NE 219th St. , Battle Ground WA 98604

* : or : This is the new E-mail address of our old friend Dewitt Young. (mail problems)

* (another good bro dont know what happen to him people are complaining)


* D&M company 

* : Got a postal address for him, too...
Tony Small, P.O. Box 325,W. Newbury, MA



* D.W. Carpenter, 147 E. 7th Ave, York, PA 17404


* D Edmond,7 Karl Mathy St.,68167 Manheim, Germany

* Ed Cicciu, Stoughton, MA, Sells fake anadrol 50 and d-bol. also known to tamper with injectable steroid botttles by putting in cooking oil. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAMMER, you may get legit stuff occationally but most orals are fakes


* aka Michael Hadad, Maneggpromenade 131 (or Postrach 256), 8041 Zurich, Switzerland, phone #079-358-0683

* ECPharma :
I had order shipment from them in the past and they were legit but now I have heard people are not getting their shipment from them, So i decided to put their name on the list.

* aka Joe Woods from Oklahoma

* pretending to be someone else.

* aka APR again





*Euro Care Mail Order Pharmacy, the Netherlands (shutdown due to MM2000 Article, and yes they really are idiots and so are you if you buy anything from them.

* EUROTRASH777@YAHOO.COM ,403 courtney st valpo in 46383

*excellentboy - Roy Ebert Halifax, Nova Scotia


*Farma-Mex (Pharma-Mex) Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes.

*Farmlette Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes

* : As far as I got the info, he has been bbusted. Just use caution

* (claim he got busted!!)



* - Robert Lemmon

* or , Chad Merrill in Dixon, Illinois, 

*Francisco Moiones , Alicante, Spain

* Brett Epstein, Valcluse 2030, Sydney Australia 

* : no enough details

* Francisco Moriones Aprtado #72 / Orihiela Costa / Alicante - 03189 , Spain



* : He gave a mailing address and name..
Jose Ricaute Londono,Casa 22, Manzana 1,Zaguan de las Villas,Dos Que bradas,Risaralda, Columbia

*Genapharma (busted for selling unapproved new drugs, Not scammers)


* - Wyatt Donnely
Seattle, Washington

* :also known as aka Jim Smith aka G.B.   postal address... 14714 Rue Paradisse, Florissant, MO 63034

* - Buckmaster MSC, P O Box 1260, 171 Moultrie St. Charleston, SC

* same as Ctibor), Public Information Services, PO Box 6806, Santa Barbara, CA 93160

*, Bryan Meyer 33 Flower Valley Cnt. #311, Florissant, MO 63034

* anabolic avenue..domestic uses the name

* also

* : he scams by partial delivery operates on under popeyguns and hoffman



* aka APR - Mathew Hardy

* : GREENGOBBLIN, BOB DOLE, Elitefitness member,


* - Manuel Pacheco Of Houstonb Texas

* Bayonne NJ Mike Tawes,



* : also haldun#, "Haldun" is EVERYWHERE! On all the boards, under all kinds of names, all different addresses. Most of them are in the North Vancouver, B.C. area. I'd be VERY careful dealing with anyone in this area!

* : Healol, Elitefitness member,

* aka - Valderrama Perez aka Oscar Cruz Madrid, Spain

* (Babou is out of business)

*hoffman on board

* Petre Suston AKA. "Hush" his email is
His Address is 202-2015 11 Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

* : Babou


*IC (formerly SHAL) PO Box 465, North Jackson, OH 44451

* and there is a website too.


* located in Lenoir North Carolina

*"Incubus" - James Green (supposedly his real name) or Mad Dago
P.O. Box 34021,Highland Hills Postal Outlet,Kitchener, Ontario,N2N 3G2,Canada

* Jiangjun Xiou (i think this may be an imposter of the real ipharmacy.

* : Thomas Jordan P.O. Box 411 Camden N.Y. 13313




* Jeff Reid anytown B.C.

* :details are scetchy...

* : no enough details

* : he got someone for $150.00... as far as a name I have:Joe Woods, Duncan, OK,(no box number, sorry),the same mailing address with e-mail at

* refering to aka Dylan Gielis, Brisbane Australia 

*, Scott Johnson anytown USA (NY) test question is 2+2 = 4

*J.F. Enterprises, Durham, NC

*JNM, Youngstown Ohio

* - Scot Johnson for western Union-- NY

*, Jerry Linde, Scanditrade, Box 3127 S-44304 Stenkullen, Sweden

* - Grappler aka Chris Cates aka Thomas Jordan 1662 Powell Rd. Camden NY

*jonny bravo

* :no details...

* N.H.

* - Joshua Summers, Glen Elleyn, IL aka Jason Witman scammer of large amounts

* aka Juan Perez


* :no name pick up in Fieldale, South Virginia and Roanoke, S.V.

*juicemonkey54@operamailcom, Dave Krall Port Coquitlam B.C. Canada WU: Best Color A. Green

* : sells all FAKE gear

* : Jon Stern from Canastoa NY 13032

*,PO Box 593507, Orlando, Fl, 32859-3507

* JUNGLEJUICE20000@YAHOO.COM, EUROTRASH777@YAHOO.COM ,403 courtney st valpo in 46383

* aka, live in Frankfurt- area in Germany - Big scammer


* - has turned scammer please be advised no good once was a good approved source no longer hate to see it

* GHB online

*, Trying to sell fake deca



* -Adam Khan, Des Moines, IA

* K. Carter, P.O. Box 534,Stafford, VA,* D. Quarrells, P.O. Box 3524,Brewer, ME * various e-mail addresses, postal address...

* :no details...

* Krentzpharma

** name of the receiver: Darko Dekich, country of payout: Bosnia and Herzegovina, continent: Europe
city of payout: Banja Luka





*, Michael Schionning, Voborgvej 113 1,-4, 8210 Aarhus V. Denmark

*, jim rhodes in glen falls, New York

* LEGITKIT, Elitefitness member,

* aka aka 

* , Chad Merrill in Dixon, Illinois, 


* liquidjr@ziplip - casey,p.o. box 59712,washington, dc,20012

* : confirmed that he scammed someone, no other info...

* (Ben Ctibor), Public Information Services, PO Box 6806, Santa Barbara, CA 93160






* , Alberta, Canada



* Maxrep, Eric Anderson , Calgary Alberta Canada

* &

*, AKA Nathan Costa ,Mexico

* aka also

*mexiboy (flagged by US Customs)


* - David Labouef - Lafayette, Louisanna - Brownsville TX

* : PO Box 1013 Dixon, CA

* - F. McCoy CMR 470 Box 1720 APO AE 09165

MDT (sels counterfeit and fakes)

*Mike Barr / Capt Dboll

* aka Mike Hammond PO Box 280 Hamilton Central, Brisbane Queensland, 4007 Australia

* Michael Richter -  Location: NY NY--Scammed anti-inflammatories.

* or

* : postal address...,Robert Leighton,,Robert Playton Ontario, Canada

* aka * aka *  aka BMR Affordable Training owners are Jeff Barboa and David Mugica


* M. Price PO Box 944, Bayboro NC 28515-0944

* : apparently he puts on a good show but rips you off in the end, Vincent Klein, Cologne, Germany

* (Mike McMillan, 674 Harmon Loop Rd. Ste #111-326 Box 326 Dededo Guam 96912)

*MRN INC. MN INC- 101 N. 34th St. Box 1307A, Philly, PA 19104 - pro scammer and computer geek- sends viruses too..

* : software solutions, 1779 Wells Branch Parkway #110b, #322, Austin TX

* M Van Cleve /Mclean Van Cleve, 12113 Metric Blvd. #1637, Austin TX




*NM This source is a scumbag. Counterfeits/fakes/scammer

* :also goes by ,postal address is..., D.Q. #PMB341, 1500 A. Lafayette Rd.,Portsmouth, NH




* PO BOX #55, 124 CentreN, Napanee, Ontario, Canada

* : postal address is. Dunk Electronics ..P.O.Box #55,124 CentreN.,Napanee, Ontario, Canada*  :




* Company: Roidz Australia Name: Chris Jones Add: 16 Bond Street Mount Gambier Australia

* ,also known as bcboy and bsborn .,His address is G. Gill 143,6832 King George HWY Surrey,BC V3W-4Z9 CANADA

* :


* Paul Parker /Carlos PO Box 83130, Sandiego, CA 92138 (Busted DEA gathering information)

* : no details

* WWW.Pharmtech.something or other : That is the same guy that post messages on everyboard. Use those name as follows:Ali Holv,,





*Pharm-Europa Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes

* he's on the endorsed list of but he is reported scammer to several sources. he is also Rocio Ares : Spain

* aka aka http://members.xoom/_XOOM/pharma/index.html aka R. Ares, Buzon #102, J. Aguirre, 2 bajo, Durango - 48200, & Buzon #139, Torrene, 7-9 Algorta - 48990, Spain


* Name of receiver: MIHAEL, Last Name of receiver: KARNNER, City of receiver: KLAGENFURT, Country of receiver: AUSTRIA ( AT ), EUROPE  - over $13000 in 2 months---- im in the wrong business...

* chris williams

* aka jonny vicious

*PMB - 256 3355 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, Co. 80917:

* and his Anabolics Incorporated website Big Guns 21 (as a reference) Jay Miller (a.k.a. or is linked to Trevor Carney/RoidBoy27)


* aka aka Steroidman ICQ 11303773 aka Markus Teich, Hauptstasse 23, 92521 Schwarzenfeld, Germany, phone #+49 1725908755

*, 742 Llangyfelach road Swansea, 368 Camarthen road Cwmbwrla Swansea WALES, UK
SA5 8LW, Goes by John Taylor / PAUL JAMES / Leanne Berry, Wales, UK

* popeyguns 

* also known as also known as

* Porcini, Betterbodies, Press350, Paul Adams, Michael Stock
Paul Adams, CP 51, Place du Parc Montreal Quebec H2W - 2M91
Also at, 1175 University Ave, Montreal Quebec


* powersupplements aka Pharmagroup

* pharmateck2k (haldun page)

* - Pretending to be another source.

* :postsal info is...,D. Quarrells,
P.O. Box 3524,,Brewer, Maine 04412


* postal address is...,P.O. Box 232,Bismark, North Dakota

* has been reported to me again (same postal address) but using the e-mail address ... his postal address is listed above where the preadatormuscle e-mail address is first listed.


* :PRIMEK, Elitefitness member,

* Pro Products, California (((Being watched by FEDS)))

* Pro Tech Sport, U.K.

* :postal address, no name...,106 Brock, St. S. Suite 111,,Whitby, Ontario, Canada

* pservante, an imposter to servante!

* Frank Peters is a scammer his email is
 He uses Western Union under the name Frank Peters Elmont, NY.


They used to be good but now ther are not returning
their emails and lot of complains about them in recent




* 14714 Rue Paradisse, Florissant, MO


* - Detailed Cosmetics Inc. 5765-F Burke Centre Parkway, Box#173, Burke, VA 22015

* : postal info...,Alessandro Peres Fabarro,, San Jose or Rio Preto, Brazil

* aka aka aka http://members.xoom/_XOOM/pharma/index.html aka R. Ares, Buzon #102, J. Aguirre, 2 bajo, Durango - 48200, & Buzon #139, Torrene, 7-9 Algorta - 48990, Spain


* REBELJUICES@888.NU - Imposter

* :aka Jaons Mack aka Petey Whearstraw aka Tracy Donkel postal address...,P.O. Box 1012,Lugoff, SC. Around West Columbia area. Has many pickup locations so dont order from anyone in that area.

*Rejuvenation IMP

* : SMDS SERVICES, Elitefitness member,

*ringmaster250 = chuck

* aka aka ALex Roman (or Bingham), Nyforsgatan, 31 63225

* also goes by postal address is...,P.O. Box 232,Bismark, North Dakota

* ROBERTO OLVIERI: His email is 
Robertos address is.... Carmelino Goncalves Condessa 91, Auto Rio Preto-CEP:15020-200, Sao Jose Do Rio Preto-SP, Brazil.

*,  Stay away from: and his Anabolics Incorporated website Big Guns 21 (as a reference)
Jay Miller (a.k.a. or is linked to Trevor Carney/RoidBoy27)


*,  MATEVZ KARNER, Account number: 36079, Bank number & Bank name: BLZ 42130 Volksbank, Bank address: Bahnhofstrase 7, A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

* : Rob O - Robert Orlando

* : Bullforce

* : he uses Western Union for transactions and goes by the names ...Mo Ghailan,or,Dave Krall,1147 O'Flaherty Gate,
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

* Dave Krall Canada

* :

*roidz australia he promises to reship and never does, Chris Jones 16 Bond Street, Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia..

*Robert Hold in Missouri

* Ron samaro, 7856 lavender court, highland ca. 92346

* - Jeff Marion 578 el Dorado Blvd, PMB 126 Webster TX 77598

* : he beat a guy for a nice chunk of change... he may have been working with another guy, his address follows...
----- : probobly the same guy as above...
Rejuvenation IMP Customers reporting that they never received goods.*MDT Customers report that source sells counterfeit and fakes

*R. M. Products Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes

* :works out of the state of Washington. Uses Western Union for money exchange...Uses the Western Union name of Champss and uses the same id question Q:what is you favorite food? A:mexican

* , Another Imposter


* (coosa, GA)

* also goes by : (he's pretty clever, huh?) He's on the UG board all the time, everybody posts that he is a scammer, but he keeps on posting. Address is...
Scott672 and Keven672 is haldum

* - Sam Sidhu, 3215 E. 51 Ave, Vancouver B.C. V%S1S3 Cell #604-448-2327

* ,Yet another Imposter

* Shane Colt in OHIO


* Erik Thornasson -Scammed for tetracycline.


* Sport Supplements, BOX 5098, Bonneyville, AB, Canada T9N 2G3

* to bad was a good bro

* AKA pat mills

* :scammer going by a couple names, also uses the e-mail address of , for both of them the mailing address was,,Dave,2932 Lambert Dr., Suite 206,Toledo, OH


* :got at least one guy, he gave me the address he sent money to...,Bill Simmonds,, P.O. Box 485,Westerville, OH

Drugstore O.L. Skouvara & Co., Epaminonda 82, Thiva 32200, Greece
"FDA Automatic Detention Alert"
*The above firm is presently on automatic detention. However, FDA has been made aware of other names being used. Any variations to this firm name, including, but not limited to, Georgios, Georgiadou, B&G Moyres, etc., and also using other cities in Greece should be viewed as the same operation and will be subject to this import alert.

*Spider Labs This source is a scammer


* : or
P.O.Box 5098, Bonnyville, AB, Canada, T9N 2G3

* : Or
The adress is somewhere in Spain

* :and Fred Ekels, Peter Corneliusstraat 9, 5144 TL Waalwijk, The Netherlands  also and , 

* aka Steroidman ICQ 11303773 aka Markus Teich, Hauptstasse 23, 92521 Schwarzenfeld, Germany, phone #+49 1725908755

* dhr. Tiebosch, Schutskampstraat 21, 5223 JG, Den Bosch, Holland


* ; dave,IEB 2932 Lambert Dr. Ste 206, Toledo OH

* - Amanda Knighton, South Carolina


* uses WU, Kevin Harrison, San Diego, CA


*, western union to bodhi marshall, jose costa rica

* - aka Elliot Eubank, 3410 W. Cherry, Visalia. CA 93277

* sustanon4ever aka 100darts

* : Sustanon, Elitefitness member,

* : managed to get a partial postal address for him...,Shawn Hendricks, Hopewell, VA,

* I got a second e-mail address for sustaman, so watch out for either!

* : postal address...Bruno Ferraz,Western Union to:Banco Portugues Do Atlantico, Av. Brasil 648,Porto 4100,
Portugal,or,,,,Banco Do Brasil, Av. das Americas 4430

*  aka BMR Affordable Training owners are Jeff Barboa and David Mugica

* , Kevin Harrison San Diego, CA

* aka aka 

*Swess Pharma Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes

* : Derek Wright - Stafford VA Question:Favorite Drink? Answer: Absolut screw description: Young Male 5'10' green eyes heavily tattoed (oh he's so scary, id bust his shit open)

Systems Operating Solutions, 309 Bashford Tripp, 1510 Tripp Circle, Madison, WI 53706


* - same person as

* was reported, he was said to have ripped someone for a couple hundred bucks... heres his postal address...
N. Payne,PMB 165,2541 S. IH-35#200,Roundrock, TX


* -advertises, "ARATEST-LEGIT ",Paul Oakenfeld,Baton Rouge LA, Hermanpeabody

*, This guy is either a major scammer or affiliated with the law. STAY AWAY!!!


*, Is An Imposter

* Dean  donco

* also use opermail may be a cop

* tripod22@hotmail and the other is liquidjr@ziplip
casey,p.o. box 59712,washington, dc,20012



* & alias Pete Koenigsberg, WU Babylon NY

* TJ

* aka Dylan Gielis, Brisbane Australia (referred by




*UN Trust, Gibraltar (((Being watched by FEDS)))

*Uniglobe pharmacies hog kong

* -

* - UOFW99, PO Box 2642, Bismarck, ND 58501


* :postal address,Jarl Age Annonsen
0 Steveien 23, 2 estasje,4631 Kristiansand, Norway

* -- acts like newsletter is legit and, legit hgh but all his sources and he is a scam for big  $$$


* "Joe Black" Trevor Smith #508-212 Lonsdale Ave. N. Vancouver, BC Canada V7M 2G1

* aka 

*WHFP.COM - Supplement Company

*Widegripchins - Still trying to resolve the problem. Either has turned scammer or is in legal trouble


* - Fieldale Virginia

*Winfield Assoc. Customers report that source sells counterfeits and fakes


* aka *  aka BMR Affordable Training owners are Jeff Barboa and David Mugica


* x-bolic : sandiego California

* Summers, Glen Elleyn, IL aka Jason Witman scammer of large amounts

* goes by john small, tim oneill, & steven chesterfield,Wester Union Details:,Steven Chesterfield,23 Guhznee street,Wellington, New Zealand 



*, Ivan Smith, Iowa



* aka Simian

Sources that were arrested: these sources have been busted and accused of being steroid dealers. If you have anymore please report them.

* mex-connex (busted)


*Mardis Gras


*Andreas Berger


* (busted either IRS or feds)

* was  - arrested....

* or sustenon250@excite feds may be using his email

* they were busted and the boards are back up but personally I would stay away who knows whos running or watching that site (feds)




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