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What Is A Good Anabolic Workout Routine?

Any decent anabolic workout that you do needs to get to the point of failure. The only way that your muscles are going to change shape is by increasing the stress that you put on them. It is the small micro tears that are caused in the muscle fibres that get repaired when you eat correctly and sleep that your body becomes stronger.

Your muscles are able to repair from the damage that you caused and your muscles adapt to make sure that you will be able to handle that kind of stress the next time and that is what causes muscle hypertrophy. An anabolic workout needs to be an intense workout as this has now been conclusively proven to build muscle.

Intensity is defined by the experts as the amount of effort you are able to put into lifting any weight and be able to bring it to the point of failure and go beyond that point in order to stimulate as many muscle fibres as possible. The ways that you can select to effectively increase the intensity in your workouts are the following.

Strip Setting: This method involves reaching the point of muscular failure using only one weight, and then immediately picking up a weight that is 5 or 10lbs lighter.

Effective Range of Motion: One can do this easily by always keeping the reps just short of full contraction as well as extension in order to make sure that the stress does not shift from the muscle to the joint.

Decreasing Rest Between Sets: Is something that is self-explanatory but needs a concerted effort as you steadily increase your fitness and your intensity that you train with.

Super Setting: Simply by doing 2 exercises in a row with very little or no rest between the sets.

Pre Exhaustion: This is usually done using an isolation exercise in order to fatigue a specific muscle and then to immediately do a compound movement that involves that same muscle.

Forced Reps: This kind of training can only be done using a spotter or training partner who knows what he is doing and getting him or her to help you lift the weight after you have reached the point of failure.

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