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Anabolic Reaction Definition

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What Is An Anabolic Reaction?

Any living thing that we have on our planet is either in an anabolic state or a catabolic state, which means it, is either in the middle of an anabolic reaction or a catabolic reaction to the environment. Probably the best example that everyone is familiar with is the process known as photosynthesis.

All anabolic reactions will store energy, which are kept safely in high-energy bonds to be used later when required. But catabolic reactions also release energy as it breaks down the molecules that it is working on into simpler molecules.

The best example of this catabolic reaction is cellular respiration where glucose is broken down in order to create energy as a by-product of the catabolic process. The process of breathing requires energy to perform and that is where a catabolic reaction creates energy.

Any process that helps to create life as we know it is run by metabolic pathways which are a mutual series of chemical reactions. In these subtle but vital chemical reactions that take place all the time the reaction causes a by-product, which then becomes the substrate for the next reaction.

This process gets a bit complex as each chemical reaction will be catalysed by enzymes. What this means is that the metabolic pathways found in any living organism will depend on the enzymes that are present in the organism. The enzymes found in any organism will depend on the genes present in that organism.

Any anabolic reaction that takes place in any living creature means the build-up or growth of the structure of the organism and is called Anabolism. Any anabolic reaction will refer to the specific chemical reactions that take place to combine simpler substances to form more complex substances.

So an anabolic reaction will build new molecules and/or store energy, but the amazing ability of our bodies to survive is the ability to use catabolic processors in order to drive the anabolic reactions that occur. So the energy that is created from a catabolic reaction is what is used by the body to drive all anabolic reactions.

The specific ingredient used to store this energy is ATP or adenosine tri-phosphate. When the third phosphate found in ATP is used it then leaves the stored energy as ADP or adenosine diphosphate. It is this release of energy that drives any anabolic reaction.

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